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Sutton's Top FIVE Tips To Avoid Stress

I know just as well as anybody else, that moving can be stressful, and that's why I'm sharing with you Sutton's Top 5 Tips To Avoid Moving Stress.On top of all of the boxes you literally have to

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Adding Value to your Home

Which items will add value to your home and help with resale when the time comes to sell?The answer is: “Only the ones that future buyers will also want and be willing to pay for.”As a

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What are Closing Costs?

You've found your dream home, the seller has accepted your offer, your loan has been approved and you're eager to move into your new home. But before you get the key, there's one more step--the

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Pricing your home

Pricing your home is both an art and a science. Achieving the optimal price is the result of both objective research into comparable properties and a gut feeling about your property and the

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